Sick Building Syndrome

Here we have an interesting article, written by Oliver Heath, “a leading figure in biophilic design. Oliver is working with global modular flooring manufacturer Interface to raise the awareness of the benefits of design inspired by nature. A prominent thinker in the architecture industry and owner of Heath Design Ltd, Oliver is also a writer and TV presenter.”

Sick Building Syndrome and the importance of good air quality

We are all familiar with the term ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ as a term that is banded around to imply an unhealthy environment to be in but what makes a building ‘sick’? And what are its effects?
Sick Building Syndrome affects the well-being of those who spend time within it. The symptomatic effects are a sore throat, irritated nose/sinus, combined mucous membrane symptoms, tight chest and or wheezing. Not only is this significant for the well-being and therefore satisfaction of the occupants of the buildings, but it can also affect their decision-making skills, productivity and increase absenteeism. Within commercial, office, healthcare and educational settings these can impact on people’s ability to perform daily tasks and can incur huge costs. When staffing costs represent 90% of a businesses operating costs it’s easy to see how the impact of significant staff with low well-being and motivation can be on the profit margins.

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